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How to Create Your Dream Life

This episode is going to help you figure out where you want to go, so you can create the life you want, while growing a business that supports that. Amazing businesses weren’t created by people staying in their comfort zone and doing what everyone else thinks they should be doing.

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37 Years In Ranch Management with Ray Marxer

Ray Marxer has worked for the largest ranch in Montana for 37 years, Matador Ranch.  Beyond his dreams, Ray never thought he would manage the productive ranch for twenty-one years as it expanded to over 530 square miles of prime Montana ranch land and open space.  As Ranch Manager, Ray

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7 Reasons Why Agriculture and Rural Businesses Fail

Why do agriculture and rural businesses fail? Today, I want to talk to you about seven reasons why agriculture and rural businesses fail. I love everything about growing a successful business, about making more money, especially in agriculture or rural setting.  When I started comparing and contrasting these rural businesses,

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