A Year in Review: Celebrating 1 Year of My Podcast!

Today’s episode is an extra special one – we’re celebrating ONE YEAR of the Agriculture & Rural Business Podcast! 

In honor of one year of the podcast, I’m going to share the reasons why I started my podcast, where I’m headed with the podcast, and a look back at all the amazing guests I’ve had on the show and the value they shared.

Ep #4: 37 Years In Ranch Management with Ray Marxer

Ep #10: How My Client Doubled Her Revenue and Is Landing Dream Clients Jacy Bapst

Ep #14: Why Personal Development is Vital to Growing a Business with Emily Reuschel

Ep #20: How Investing in Your Team Will Grow Your Business Exponentially with Becky Brunner

Ep #28: How to Buy Back Time in Your Business with Danielle Fisher

Ep #34: How to Automate and Streamline Your Cattle Sale Day with Janet Rippe

Ep #40: How My Client Quit Her 9-5 and Took Her Business Full Time with Kacee Bohle

Ep #52: Growing Small Towns with Rebecca Undem 

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