How My Client Doubled Her Revenue And Is Landing Dream Clients

I’m talking with a client of mine: Jacy Bapst today about her experience inside of my 6-month group coaching program: Rural Business Accelerator.

We talk about how she’s been able to:

  • Build confidence 
  • Double her revenue
  • Land dream clients
  • Find clarity in where she’s going as a business owner
  • Prioritize her business tasks to keep it moving forward (because being involved in agriculture means you have many irons in the fire!)
  • Better understand what her strengths are by using the enneagram
  • Understand where her and her team members will thrive in the business 

Jacy joined the Rural Business Accelerator in 2022, and has experienced massive growth and clarity in her business. This program is designed to set those foundational pieces that ever business needs in order to grow and scale their business.

Find Jacy on Instagram or check out her website. She’s amazing at what she does!

Rural Business Accelerator is a community of like-minded people, who you can lean on, and get support from while growing your business. I am SO excited to kick things off in January! 

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