Why You Should Just Start

n today’s episode, I’m talking all about why you should just start. If you can’t stop thinking about starting something new, it can be hard to get started. I want to motivate you to just start. It doesn’t matter what it is; whatever project, business, service, product, or anything you’re considering. I want you just to start and take that first step. Getting started is the hardest part, so I will be giving you a framework with 6 steps to get whatever you want to do off the ground. 

Episode 74. Growing Businesses and Raising Children In A Small Town with Josie Stokken

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Aly Robins is the owner of Aly Robins/Snowy Mountain Marketing, a marketing company that works with rural and agriculture business owners to enhance their online presence through an effective website and social media marketing. She is a certified Business Made Simple coach.