Social Media Marketing Consulting

Use Social Media To Increase Your Revenue

Social media marketing shouldn’t be confusing.

Do you feel like social media is a waste of time?

You’ve posted on social media before about your business, and nothing happens. People tell you that you need to post on social media every day, but you have no idea what to post. At this point you’re frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed at the thought of using social media to market your business.

You need results.

Creating a social media marketing plan that fits your lifestyle and business will generate the results you want. Getting support from someone that understands you and your business will keep you going, and will also help you troubleshoot what’s missing. I understand just how frustrating it can be to spend hours thinking about what to post, but never getting anything done.

How A Social Media Marketing Plan Works

Use social media to attract more paying customers.

1. Understand who you are trying to attract

Knowing your ideal customer or your niche is essential in order to attract the right people who will buy. This helps make your marketing so much easier. You can’t be everything to everyone.

2. Create a strategy using one social media platform

Whether it’s Instagram or LinkedIn, you need to create a custom strategy that works on that specific platform and that works for your business. Having a plan for when to post and what to post in place with a mentor by your side will keep you accountable and moving forward so you don’t get discouraged.

3. Create content and increase your revenue

Content creation is how you attract more people. We will work together to make sure you are comfortable with creating your own content, and have the tools to stay consistent everyday. The more you show up on social media, the more sales you will land!

What's Included?

Who's This For?

Social Media Consulting is for you if you:

How to Work With Me

Let’s work together to help you use social media to increase sales for your ag business.


Book a Call

Book a call with me to talk about what you want to accomplish from social media marketing.


Start Creating Content

We work together for four months, creating a custom social media marketing plan and strategy.


Grow Your Business

Start using social media consistently to increase your revenue and grow your business!

Need a website Too?

If you want to build an online presence with your website, check out our website development services with content creation specifically tailored to your agribusiness.

Social media marketing plan

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